The Community Relations Board was established in 1988 for the purpose of fostering a positive relationship between the Federal Medical Center and the Federal Prison Camp, and the Lexington community. As our primary activity we sponsor a number of projects in which the inmates voluntarily participate at these facilities.

Utilizing materials donated by the community, inmates learn useful skills while creating clothing, toys, blankets, aids for the elderly, mats for the homeless, journals, braille books, and other articles.

Board members gather the donated materials and then transport and distribute the completed articles through over twenty charitable agencies in Lexington and surrounding areas.

Because we operate without a budget, we depend on the generosity of community members for material and monetary donations to continue our partnership and benefit all involved. Success is measured by the positive effect on the inmates, and by the impact on those who are served by the participating charities.

Speakers are available to address civic, church and other groups.

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